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Report by Hilary Webber   23.09.18

A very rainy Saturday 22 September saw Elaine McLellan, John Pugh and Brian Webber tackle the Swim Serpentine event in London’s Hyde Park.  Their target (with 6,000 others) was to swim two miles in open water.  With the water temperature down to a chilly 16 degrees, wetsuits were the order of the day, together with two swim hats and, in John’s case, neoprene gloves and socks too.  We supporters had an even worse deal, needing warm coats and umbrellas to combat the persistent rain!

Our three swimmers had widely spread start times, with Elaine going at 10.45, Brian at 14.45 and JP at 15.45.  Elaine managed to complete her swim in a splendid 1:51:40, an achievement made more remarkable by the fact that she only started to learn freestyle at the turn of the year! 

Brian’s second lap proved a challenge and he started to struggle, so we were as surprised and delighted as he was to see him joined by JP on his first circuit.  Generously, John slowed down to encourage Brian over the last 800 metres.  Although at times it looked as if he was barely achieving forward momentum, Brian swam home in 1:56:21.

Freed from his support duties, John ploughed on and completed a much faster second lap, covering the total distance in a terrific 1:43:10.  After completing his swim, John hopped on his bike and cycled back to Chiswick – still in his wetsuit!

Elaine, her sister Ali and friend Shoba stayed through the whole thing, walking alongside the swimmers, shouting encouragement and supplying hot coffee to warm their chilled bones at the end.  With me were our Aussie friends Bob and Anne who coincidentally had been in London in 1988 to see Brian complete his second London Marathon.  They were dismayed - but not surprised - that he is still doing crazy things thirty years later.

At the end of their swims, our trio were rewarded not only with Swim Serpentine medals but with membership of the Classics Club.  London Marathon Events award a magnificent saucer-sized medal and admission to their Hall of Fame to anyone who can complete the London Marathon, the London-Surrey 100 miles cycle ride and the two-mile version of Swim Serpentine.  Before Sunday only 500 athletes had completed that triple challenge so it’s a source of some pride for JAWS to have three members added to that list.  Well done all of you.


JAWS Committee Meeting Minutes

                                                                   9th April 2018


     Apologies for absence


     Welcome Sue

     A welcome was extended to Sue by the Committee

     Approval of Minutes of 8th January 2018

     These were approved


      2 members asked if a section could be added where members could post

      recommendations for trades people, restaurants etc.   This is a possibility, but it would

      require some maintenance as it would have to be refreshed on a fairly regular basis.  

      In the meantime all members have access to the group email addresses and requests or

      recommendations could be made via this route. 

      A discussion was had on the possibility of a section showing the ‘Early Years of JAWS’ on

      the website.

      JAWS Breakfast Format

      It was agreed that Breakfast was working well in its current format.  Members can    

      produce as much or as little food as they wish to.  No one should feel under any  


      Payment for JAWS social events   

     Where possible, payment would be made when all monies had been received from

     members, but it was agreed in certain circumstances, payment would be made from the

     JAWS bank account in advance and members asked to pay as soon as possible.                                                                                                                                                          

     Committee Reports: 


      Currently we have 80 full members

                                         21 associate members

                                           4 out of area members

       A discussion was had on associate members.  As stated on the website, associates   

       cannot host or attend breakfasts (unless invited by the hosts).  They can attend all social

       events.  The new Data Protection Regulations will be effective May 2018.  Richard will

       email all members regarding the information that is stored on the JAWS website.


      Karen, Nick, Krysha, Richard F, Sarah and Elaine did the London Big Half on 4th March.

      12 JAWS runners and 2 non JAWS runners took part in Easter Monday Beaconsfield 5  


      Sarah will be running in the London Marathon 

      Vitality London 5K -  Followed by champagne picnic in the park- see activity list 28th  

      May, Bank Holiday Monday- contact Richard F.  All runners and supporters welcome.


      Brian W will be doing the Ride 100 in July

      We have 3 members doing The 3 Counties in June – Richard P, Paul & Graham

      13 members will be going on the cycle trip in France


       The fees from the associate members have helped boost the bank balance. Reserves are

       currently approximately £2000.                  


       The new structure for organising social events is proving to be very successful and the  

       calendar for this year is full.  2019 is currently being thought about!


      Phil has written the June article for the Farnham Magazine.  Richard will write the   

      September one.

      Beating the Bounds – this will no longer be happening as the Vicar has a diary clash

      Date and venue of next meeting

     2 Heatherside Gardens   16th July 7.30 pm

                                                         JAWS Committee Meeting

                                                                     16th July 2018



     Present: Phil Cox   Graham Edwards Paul Naish Richard Flowers Barrie Luscombe  

                     Glenys Stone Sue Holehouse



Apologies for absence



Approval of Minutes of 9th April 2018


Public Relations      

A discussion was had on how to publicise JAWS, the Farnham’s Magazine is a good way (Paul to do the next edition) as well as the local press.


Committee Reports:    


Sarah ran the London Marathon

7 runners ran in Vitality London

Pam and Karen ran the half marathon in Windsor

Burnham Half Marathon and picnic 13th August

JAWS are organising the evening 5K road race in the Beeches on 22nd August at 7pm. Need 50 entrants to break even. It is insured for 130 runners.



3 JAWS members + 1 took part in the Three Counties ride (56 miles) on 3rd June.

Brian Webber and Roy Hartley will be taking part in the Ride 100 on the 29th July

13 are going on the cycling trip to France



Payments for social events have been prompt

 A donation of £20 should be made by members for non JAWS use of the gazebo.     



Since the last meeting there has been the trip to Dublin, the Roving Dinner, a trip to see My Fair Lady and a trip to Windsor Races. All were very successful and enjoyable. Future events are: a visit to Greatmoor Recycling Plant, Beeches Half Marathon and picnic, a visit to the Household Cavalry, Swan Lake Ballet,a visit to the Sky Garden. The AGM Dinner Dance (menu forms will be sent out mid October)                                                                      


There are currently 50 members hosting Breakfast so the rotation is slow moving                                                                                                                


Items on the website to be moved/deleted at the discretion of the producer. The same font to be used for published items to give a uniform look.

Mailing Lists to be updated


Date and venue of next meeting       


7th November Thatch Cottage Collinswood Rd

                                                                                JAWS Committee Meeting Minutes

                                                                                         7th November 2018  

Present: Phil Cox Barrie Luscombe Richard Flowers Paul Naish Sue Holehouse Glenys  Stone Graham Edwards



       Apologies for absence


       Approval of Minutes of 16th July 2018



       It was decided that the Homepage should be a broad introduction to JAWS. Personal  data of any sort should not be accessed without login via             our passwords.   The Newspage should be an ‘appetiser’ in terms of content with the relevant   reports/photographs being filed in the relevant              section namely members, running,cycling etc. It should be reviewed regularly and old news eliminated by the author to avoid it getting clogged             up.  it is our intent to achieve this over the coming months. To do this the website will need some modifications to enable reports to be placed in           their relevant folders/sections. Training will need to be given to enable committee members  to download photographs. It was agreed to                         reimburse  Graham for his costs in designing and maintaining the website.

       AGM – format/timings/cup nominees

       Phil circulated a proposed AGM agenda for the JAWS Dinner Dance. This was approved by everyone.                                                                                                                                                          


Committee Reports:    

         Running                    13 runners from JAWS took part in the Burnham Beeches Half Marathon. The Beeches 5k was a great success and JAWS                                              will committ in principle to it happening next year, possibly in July. We are entitled to enter 1 member into the London                                                       Marathon.


        Cycling                      13 members had an enjoyable trip to the Spooners place in Provence. Next year a trip is being planned to the Burgundy                                                  area possibly at the beginning of September.


       Treasurer                    The bank balance is currently looking healthier mainly due to the organising of the Burnham 5K by JAWS                  


       Social                         Trips have been arranged to Greatmoor Recycling Plant, The Household Cavalry Museum, Walking Weekend in                                                             Nantwich, Swan Lake Ballet and the Sky Garden. A picnic was had after the Burnham Beeches Half Marathon. The social                                               calendar for 2019 is currently being put together.


       Membership              We have 43 hosted breakfasts and 22 associate members. The subs will remain the same. The coffee urn has now been                                             mended.



        AOB                           None





     Date and venue of next meeting


     7.30pm   6th February 2019 Heathside Parsonage Lane





A message from your committee-New Associate Members 2018

 One or two of you have asked about the ‘new’ names that have appeared on the new JAWS website, especially those included on our ‘Associates’ list. 

If you look closely you will find that most are past members who have moved away from Farnham Common. Our furthest Associates, so far, are the Hanlons, who live in the United States ( could this be the start of Pres. Ron’s desire to create ‘JAWS International’ ? ). Others live in Surrey, Sussex, Oxford, and Cornwall. A few live fairly close to Farnham Common and have been enjoying our events without any previous direct involvement, but these again are long standing ‘friends’. 

Speaking with the new ‘names’, they have shown an interest to stay in touch with what’s happening within our great organisation, hear more about their friends, etc. and, hence, have willingly paid their reduced subs, even though their association is in some cases greatly reduced. 

Associate Membership is meant only for past members and friends like the above. The main restriction on Associates will be that they will not be included at Sunday Breakfasts, unless specifically invited so by the individual host. They will be included for our other activities, such as golf, quizzes, visits, the Summer Picnic and so on. Associates may also be restricted for other events on an ad-hoc basis.