2018 Running

Jaws Boxing Day run /walk to the Copper Horse-  Report by President Ron
Around 25 members, member’s families and member’s friends gathered at the Gates of Windsor Castle for our traditional run/walk. The weather was a bit damp, the sky a bit cloudy, and parking, as ever, was a right pain, but the pack still  set off promptly at 10.00. As you know full well, we depend on a good runner to get to the Copper Horse as quickly as possible, making it easier for the rest of us and we were a bit worried when we saw we had no Andrew, no Guy and no Nick. However, from nowhere, Sam Ely appeared and ran a lovely 39 minutes to the Copper Horse and back, making us all very grateful !
We then went to Viv and Phil Ely’s house for warming mulled wine, coffee and delicious cakes and pastries. What was especially nice and very Jawsish was the way the number of runners and walkers increased dramatically to around 40, with parents and siblings joining in the pleasure of the Ely’ catering. Well done to Viv, Phil and Sam. What a day for the Ely’s

PS from this link people can view all the photos Tim took and download any they like


Ron Bright

GOOD TO BE BACK IN THE RACE! -     Report on Richmond 10k 18.11.18 by Brian W.

With cycling and swimming occupying most of my summer, the Richmond 10km on Sunday 18thNovember was my first running event since the end of May. It was great to be back!

Karen Pollard and I were the only JAWS competitors in the race which attracted 220 runners. It was an early start at 9.15am and a little chilly at 6 degrees, but the sun shone brightly and shimmered off the Thames as we made our way along towpaths and through parks on a very flat and traffic-free course.

Neither of us had done very much training so our times were not exactly PBs, but we both ran faster/less slowly than expected – because that’s what a race does to you! It really is worth the effort of getting registered and taking part.

For the record, Karen’s superior dip finish saw her home one second ahead of me in 1:00:55.

So we are both encouraged to do a little more training and we’ll be looking for more flat 10km races in the months ahead – and we hope that more of you will join us!


Krysia takes part in the LA Wonder Woman 10k

After travelling all the way to LA, why not do a 10k.

It was quite an undulating course, so Krysia did well to complete in under the hour, and came second in her age group. Pity she wasn't 3 year's younger cos she would have come first!

Burnham Beeches 5k evening race voted a great success !
 report by Richard F. 22/08/18
This inaugaral event organised by JAWS was massively popular with 130 enthusiastic runners and the organisation went very smoothly thanks to help and support from members. Money raised from entry fees has enabled the club to donate £250 to the Burnham Beeches charity and retain a very usefull sum for club funds - well done JAWS! - see comment from Burnham Joggers below:-
'A big thank you to everyone at Farnham Common Joggers & Wheelers (JAWS) for the inaugural Burnham Beeches 5k. 
A beautiful hilly course through the Beeches. We had a great turnout from Burnham Joggers with a range of paces from taking first 
female (Claire Pusey) plus first and second male (Patrick Butler & Andrew Humphrey) to some of the more leisurely paced runners 
towards the back of the field. 
 A good time was had by all and we look forward to hopefully taking part again next year'. 
Thank you JAWS. 👍'

Burnham Beeches 10k/Half Marathon  35th Anniversary  / 80's Summer Picnic Party. 

Report by Brian W. 12/08/18


Sunday 12th August saw another super turnout from JAWS members, first at the annual Burnham Beeches Half Marathon and 10km races and later at the picnic in the Brian Jubb Hall. 

With the captain under the weather and a couple of others under-trained, we had just three runners in the half marathon, but special congratulations go to Stephen Flower on completing that distance for the first time. Times were as follows: 

Elaine McLellan 1:55:23 

Stephen Flower 2:19:06 

Richard Flower 2:29:53 

In the 10km, ten members and friends enjoyed the perfect running conditions if not the hilly course. It was great to see Celine Pearson back with us - and running so well. Congrats to Krysia and Pauline for leading us home, and to Derek for knocking two and a half minutes off his time in Dublin! 

Krysia Edwards 1:02:00 

Pauline Keyne 1:02:53 

Sarah Newby 1:04:59 

Derek Hussey 1:06:45 

Celine Pearson 1:09:10 

Colin Myers 1:13:18 

Chanmon Myers 1:13:18 

Brian Webber 1:14:17 

Adrienne Regan 1:37:12 

Hilary Webber 1:37:12 

All the runners were delighted to see so many JAWS members on duty at the two water stations on the route, handing out the dreaded sachets and then tidying up afterwards. Great job, team! 

The picnic was held inside the hall due to the threat of rain but nothing dampened the spirits of all who attended, and it didn't  curtail enjoyment of the coconut shy ingeniously put together in true Blue Peter fashion by Philip Savage. 

Once again the splendid food was provided by Jo and Sharon, formerly of Coffee, Eats & Treats. Thanks to our anonymous donors, there was also champagne on offer to help us toast the seven members who have reached eighty this year, swelling our team of octogenarians to fourteen. 

There was also a presentation of a voucher for afternoon tea at Cliveden to Ron and Elisabeth to mark the 35th anniversary of their founding of JAWS. Their creation has given so much pleasure to so many people and now has many different facets - from running to cycling to walking to swimming to golf to socialising, as well as supporting our local community and bringing light to members in dark times. 

Ron and Elisabeth, we are so grateful for all you have done over the years, for inspiring us all, and for continuing to attend and support every event we put on. Thank you!

The Royal Windsor River Trail Run

Report by Karen P.    03/06/18

Braving the heatwave!

The sun was shining and the sky was clear blue when Pam and I arrived at Alexandra Gardens in Windsor, early Sunday morning on 3rd June. It was a beautiful day for a boat trip down the river, or a picnic in the park but not the best conditions for running a half marathon. We were not overly concerned as we waited at the start, because the forecast said it would cloud over around 10 o’clock.

The start was organised into six waves, each setting off at five minute intervals, supposedly in order of expected finishing times. Pam and I were in Wave 4 and we stood ourselves towards the back. As we headed off along the Thames towards Maidenhead we were grateful for the shade and the dry tow path. It was not long, however, before we were being regularly overtaken by much faster runners. I now found what should have been an enjoyable part of the run, very stressful as the path was hardly two people wide. We were either being politely asked to move out of the way onto uneven ground and tree roots where we were at risk of falling over, or were nearly being mowed down by runners squeezing past. It appeared that a lot of the runners in Waves 5 and 6 were not aiming for a slower time than Pam and I was, as I had expected. Then there was the occasional person who sped off in a fast run and then suddenly decided to stop and walk, just right in front of us.

By the time we arrived at the A4 close to Maidenhead Bridge, we had been running for over an hour and the temperature had risen with the intensity of the sun overhead. For the second half of the run there was virtually no shade and the predicted cloud cover never arrived. There were no distance markers and almost no supporters either. The drink stations were not positioned in the places advertised but at least there was plenty of water when we did arrive at them. Most of the Marshals were excellent too.

The course was probably the flattest one I have completed in an organised event. This was one of the reasons we had hoped for Pam to achieve a PB. Sadly, it proved to be just too hot. We did well to finish. At least three participants were not so fortunate. They were carried off the Jubilee River on a stretcher by Paramedics.

Karen – 2 hours 39 minutes.

Pam – 2 hours 44 minutes.

Special thanks go to Pam’s family who acted as Taxi service and Supporters.


Report by Brian W.   28/05/18


Given that Bank Holiday Monday's weather forecast had threatened thunderstorms, the JAWS team were delighted to settle for hazy sunshine, a gentle breeze and temperatures in the low 20's for their attack on this year's Vitality 10000. 

Once again we headed for beautiful Green Park and set up a picnic point in the shade of a sturdy maple tree. The start line was on The Mall, the route took in many London landmarks and finished in front of Buckingham Palace. It was a much bigger event this year with over 17,000 runners but the wave starts and the excellent organisation of the London Marathon team ensured everything went smoothly. Aided by noisy support from big crowds along the 10km route, some fine performances were recorded. Better still, with champagne kindly donated by some of the group, there was a distinctly bubbly atmosphere to the picnic which followed. Special thanks to Chairman Phil for providing a splendid Dundee Cake! 

It was great to see Jo Sherpa running in JAWS colours again and to welcome to the support team husband Dawa and their two children, Daisy and Jay. All the runners wish to thank them and fellow supporters, Ron, Elisabeth and Nick Bright, together with Pam Naish who was tapering before next weekend's assault on the Windsor Half Marathon - good luck, Pam! 

Official times for our magnificent seven were as follows: 

Elaine McLellan 50:11 (4 mins faster than last year) 

Phil Cox 52:46 

Paul Naish 57:15 (31 secs faster than Dublin) 

Brian Webber 57:39 (18 secs faster than Dublin) 

Richard Flower 58:57 

Jo Sherpa 59:42 

Hilary Webber 92:17 (4 mins faster than last year) 

This really is an excellent event with a great opportunity to picnic and socialise afterwards - let's do it all again next year!

2018 05 30 PHOTO 00000003 2

Picture, three JAWS runners with...........JAWS!


Report by Brian W.   01/04/18

Easter Monday brought typical Bank Holiday weather, with plenty of overnight rain followed by light drizzle on the day of the race. But did this dampen the spirits or limit the participation and support from JAWS? It did not!

The venue was Hall Barn Estate in Beaconsfield and the race was the annual Five Mile Trail Run. Undaunted by the prospect of big puddles, very slippery conditions, and a pretty hilly course, the JAWS colours were worn by no less than 14 members and their friends and family. Just as importantly, the runners were loudly supported by no less than nine JAWS members.

Considering the conditions, the times were very creditable indeed. Here are the official times:

Guy Fox 39:48

Peter Whittle 41:05

Elaine McLellan 44:26

Phil Cox 44:55

Michael Stone 49:03

Brian Webber 50:38

Paul Naish 52:14

Jenny Whittle 53:18

Richard Flower 54:55

Laura Fox 57:23

Pam Naish 63:59

Derek Hussey 63:51

Janet Crookes 66:48

Adrienne Regan 87:30

After the race, we all gathered in the splendid Ashford Kitchens showroom where Richard and Tracey kindly hosted a late breakfast with coffee, scrumptious hot cross buns (baked by Pam and Jo) and of course chocolate.

Talking of chocolate, Easter Bunnies were awarded to the two outstanding runners on the day – Guy for the guys and Elaine for the girls. And two more bunnies were presented to Elisabeth and H


The House Run at Farnham Common Junior School took place on the 24th May. JAWS provides the trophies and medals for this event. Our Life President, Ron and his son Nick watched the Run and this is his report of the presentation:

Glenys had the cups beautifully cleaned and with the nice medals it was a pleasure to hand them out. Nick, an Old Boy of FCJS, helped me do the presentations. All the staff were very helpful and the kids were a credit to the teaching staff. I told the children that I had watched these school races 32 years ago and had been so impressed that we decided to sponsor them ever since. I spoke about how Jaws started with joggers and wheelers looking for someone to run with; someone to compete with in a friendly way; someone to push you when you needed help. I said this was what had held Jaws together for 35 years and they would be welcome to join in after school days had finished.



Report by Brian W.  16/04/18

We obviously didn’t expect to spend four days in Dublin’s fair city without seeing a little precipitation, but we weren’t quite ready for the steady rain and gusty winds that greeted our Sunday at the Great Ireland Run.

The race venue was Phoenix Park, Europe’s biggest city park and a marvellous facility for Dubliners and visitors alike. The course wasn’t flat but the undulations were gentle and afforded views of polo grounds, cricket pitches, a zoo and even a herd of deer. In most cases, running performances were remarkably similar to those in Verona in November, but congratulations to Derek who shaved 20 secs off his Verona time and to Kerry who slashed almost five minutes off hers. And a special mention to JP who jogged round but still showed a clean pair of heels to the rest of us!

Official times were as follows:

John Pugh 56:47

Richard Flower 57:46

Paul Naish 57:46

Brian Webber 57:57

Karen Patterson 63:10

Derek Hussey 69:19

Pam Naish 69:53

Audrey Hirschfeld 90:31

Kerry Furmston 90:33

Adrienne Regan 96:19

Tracey Flower 96:20

Hilary Webber 96:20

Much more heroic – because they had to walk miles to and from the venue and then stand and watch in horrible weather - were our band of 14 supporters, bravely holding the JAWS banner while juggling umbrellas and shaking football rattles. So special thanks to Ron and Elisabeth, Michael and Sue, Greta and Valdy, Andy and Glenys, Philip and Theresa, Pauline, Heather, Christine and Brian L. With no taxis in sight, Ron had to hijack a vehicle to give Elisabeth and him a lift back to the hotel. Here’s his story:

The day in the park was bizarre

And the walk to the start was too far

But a Limerick lass

Went to the top of the class

And drove us both home in her car

The rest of the weekend was pretty much perfect with a new Irish stand-up comic conducting the city walking tour (remember the name Michael Rice will be the next big thing) and trips to the Jameson’s Distillery and the Guinness Storehouse sandwiched between good food and even better company.

Incredibly, Dublin was the seventeenth international city visited by JAWS running stalwarts and their hardy supporters in recent years, and Ireland our fourteenth different country. We haven’t run out of ideas, or cities or countries yet, and planning for future trips is well underway - so no one should even think about retiring!

. and now for a few photo memories of the great day.