2019 Info/Committee/Accounts

JAWS AGM – Finances – Year-ended 30 Sept. 2019  by Barrie

The finances for the year have turned out very similar to those for last year, but with some activities costing more whilst others have produced surpluses. Our ‘turnover’ for the year was up slightly at £ 15,500, involving some 330 transactions, but our costs off-set this increase and so we ended the year in much the same position as we started.

Membership / Associate fees have fallen and are expected to fall again in the coming year.

The number of Social activities has increased considerably, but there is no financial benefit to these, as they are all at cost price.

Our big expenses continue to be the Running, Cycling, Engraving etc. and Website costs and account for the majority of the members fees, although we have been blessed this year with income arising from our Beeches 5K of just short of £ 300 ( but down from c.£ 400 last year ! ).

Our bank balance rises and falls throughout the year, depending on what activities are happening at any particular time, but we continue to carry approximately £ 2,000 as a core balance.

We have no ongoing debt. The full accounts are available elsewhere on the website.


A.G.M.Running Report for 2019     by Paul Naish

This year has seen continued support from our members who run on a regular basis, turning out all weathers for our biweekly plus Sunday morning runs.

We have entered many organised races throughout the year and has included: The London Winter 10k in February, the Kingston 8 miler in March and the Beaconsfield 5 miles in April. All of these have had full reports on the website. This year's London Marathon place was taken by Fionnuala French. In May we returned to London to run the Spring Bank Holiday 10k followed by a Picnic in Green Park.

The Burnham Beeches 10 and 5K race in August was well attended with over 12 runners from Jaws taking part and many more choices versed the drinks stations. Later in the month our own Beeches 5K took place for the second year. This was another success with over 120 entrants from far and wide taking part and raising funds for Burnham Beeches Charity and our Club.

During September no less than 29 members travelled to Prague for an overseas running weekend. Seventeen runners took part in the races, 7 in the 5K and 10 in the 10K. It was nice to see some new faces taking part in the events, we look forward to seeing them enter more events in the future. We weren’t the only runners to run abroad this year, Krysia Edwards completed the Wonder Woman 5 miler in Los Angeles. She did it in under 1hr whilst on her holiday, that's dedication for you.

October saw a few brave souls tackle the Frieth Hilly which as its name suggests is a really tough, hilly cross country race. Our own Brian Webber and Pam Naish walked away with prizes for winning Men's and Women's Vet 70 categories. Not the first prize for this season as Derek Hussey also won the men's Vet 70 whilst running the Black Park 10K in January.

As this year rapidly races to the finish line we look forward to the future and the start of another successful year.


AGM Cycling Report 2019  by Graham

As far as I remember, the year started without any snow or ice to worry the cyclists on the JAWS Sundays. Typically we are few in in number, usually 2, on a Sunday, but on occasions we have had up to 8. Some of us cycled in to London on the 27th May to support the Vitality runners, and joined them in their picnic afterwards.

The next big event was John Pugh’s heroic effort in early June to scale the Mont Ventoux 3 times in one day, from 3 different starting points. Well done John!

The annual JAWS cycling trip was brought forward this year from the usual September slot, and took place from the 19th June to the 26th June in Burgundy. We covered all the main wine producing regions, starting and finishing in Beaune, and in a clockwise direction, visiting famous towns like Nuits-Saint-Georges, and Macon. The trip finished just before France suffered their biggest heatwave in history.

Finally, I must mention the spur of the moment trip around the Pembrokeshire coast in mid-September. Mike Halder, Phil and Viv Ely organised a fantastic 3 day ride, starting and finishing at the farmhouse of Phil and Viv’s friend. Overall, we climbed 7800 feet, which certainly gave Mike’s custom made E-bike a thorough work-out.



JAWS Social Activities 2019 by Glenys and Sue H.

 It doesn’t seem that long ago since the start of our 2019 social activities at the beginning of February.   The quiz is always a firm favourite and the quiz masters provided us with a most entertaining evening.

Thanks to the excellent input by George, Mary, Derek and Pauline, the roving dinner ran like clockwork and their hard work resulted in 32 very well-fed participants.  

Ian Griffiths arranged a most successful trip to The Bunker in Uxbridge – he made it so easy for those of us who always intended to visit this site but never got around to it.  

The sun shone brightly for Ron and Elizabeth on the Bright Day picnic in August and thanks should go to Richard and Paul.   It was certainly a day to remember.

Recognition must be given to Pat Luscombe for her amazing organisational skills regarding the walking weekend in September – no stone was left unturned.    Thirty-two athletes crossed the sea to the Isle of Wight, the highest number of members attending on record, and a good time was had by all.

Talking of organizational skills, a massive thanks to Brian and Hilary Webber for getting 29 runners, walkers and supporters to Prague and back again in one piece.   Sue, Glenys and Jill would particularly like to thank Brian for his encouraging and persuasive words that resulted in our participating in our first official 5k run (actually a walk!).

Other activities included a tour of Wycombe Swan inclusive of afternoon tea, trips to see Janet Crookes in “Patience” and “Evita”, a guided tour round the house and grounds of Taplow Court, an outing to the Country Living Christmas Fair organised by Brenda, Take That concert, an evening in the mad world of Fawlty Towers and, bringing our social calendar to an end, the AGM dinner dance.

 Sue and Glenys would like to thank everyone who came forward with ideas as well as assisting with the organisation – it made our job so     much easier.  

Lastly, thank you to everyone for supporting these events and we hope that you enjoyed them as much as we did putting them together.

 How about this as a fitting quote for JAWS?

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend time with them and it will change your life.”


Membership Report 2019   by Richard F.

This year we have a total of 106 members made up of 72 family members, 11 singles plus 23 Country and Associates members.

We currently have 37 breakfast hosting venues which means we need around 13 of the hosts to provide two breakfasts within a calendar year. The 2020 breakfast list is now on the website and already there have been a couple of swaps.

Many of us joined the club over 20 or even 30 years ago and that is an achievement that Ron & Elizabeth & the other founders must be proud of but to supplement the long termers, I feel it is also important for us to attract new blood into JAWS for the club to continue its momentum. Although we have had some interest from prospective members, we have not succeeded in recruitment this year.

If any member would like to recommend or introduce a potential member, we will be pleased to talk to them. Also, if anyone would be interested in contributing any fresh ideas and perhaps helping on the committee, we will be pleased to hear from them.

As usual, breakfast on the morning after the AGM will be a 10am meeting and this year it will be at Janet and Brian’s.



                                                        JAWS Committee Meeting Minutes

                                                                 6th February 2019

 Present: Phil Cox Barrie Luscombe Richard Flower Paul Naish Sue Holehouse Glenys  



       Apologies for absence

       Graham Edwards

       Approval of Minutes of 7th November 2018


       Use of website to give more information about the Club eg why breakfasts have been cancelled, who has dropped off the rota etc

       Richard will put information on the website explaining our current breakfast situation      

       Liability Insurance

       We have purchased a new PA system and the question was asked if we needed liability  

       insurance when being used in a public place. We see very limited liability exposure

       given the nature of the equipment and as it was new, it was agreed it was not

       necessary at this stage

      Succession Planning

       A discussion was had on the possibility of any of the committee not being able tofulfil their role for whatever reason. It was agreed that a member          from JAWS would step in if necessary                                                   

     Membership – Position JAWS much more as a social club (which has some walking,cycling and running) to attract members

     We are short of hosts for breakfasts and so to attract more a discussion was had as to whether to become more of a social club with some walking,       running and cycling. The committee felt the opinion of Ron should be sought. Phil said he would speak to him and see what he thought.

     AGM Dinner Dance organisation

     The Committee expressed their thanks to Philip & Theresa for successfully organising the AGM Dinner Dance over the last few years.   Sue and 

     Glenys have offered to take on this role and visited the Grovefield House Hotel as a possible venue for this event.They have also arranged a visit         to the Bull in Gerrards Cross. A new format for the AGM was discussed, this is something that will be explored in future meetings.                                                            

    Committee Reports:    

    Running                          Sam Ely was the first back from the Copper Horse. 6 runners took part in the London Winter 10k.

                                            Derek Hussey took part in the Black Park 10k and was1st in his age group, he did it in 1hour 6min. Well done Derek!

                                            Elaine is running the London Marathon and Fionnuala will be walking it.


     Treasurers                     Current balance is £2300. Apart from First Aid Certificates that need renewing there is no planned expenditure. A 

                                            discussion was had on what we were planning to do with this balance. This is  something that will be carried forward to the                                              next meeting.

     Membership                    Currently we have 74 full members and 20 associates. This gives us  8 hosts for breakfast. 10 members (down from 11)                                                  are affiliated to English Athletics, therefore, guaranteeing us a club place in the 2020 London Marathon.


     Social                             Various activities are planned for the year. This will be emailed to all members.


     Farnham Magazine next issue

     Phil Cox will write it for the next issue


     Ron is unable to present the JAWS Cups and medals for the House Run at Farnham  

     Common Junior School on the 4th April. Paul will present them instead of Ron.

     Date and venue of next meeting

     8th May 7.30 pm   Tara   One Pin Lane



                                                                                 JAWS Committee Meeting Minutes

                                                                                               8th May 2019


Present: Phil Cox Paul Naish Richard Flowers Graham Edwards Glenys Stone Barrie Luscombe Sue Holehouse

Apologies for absence


Approval of Minutes of 6th February 2019


Committee Reports:

       Running              Pam, Richard F, Karen and Richard P ran in the Kingston 8 mile on the 30th March.Pauline K and Derek ran in the Beaconsfield                                      5k on the 22nd April

                                   Elaine was injured and so unable to take part in the London Marathon. Fionualla walked the London Marathon and completed it                                       6 hours 6 minutes – 30 minutes off her best.

                                   Phil C will be running in Vitality London on the 27th May. Burnham Beeches Half Marathon is on the 11th August

     Cycling                4 members will be cycling up to London to support Vitality London.11 members will be taking part in the cycling trip to Burgundy                                       in June

     Treasurer            We currently have £2000 in the bank. £500 is to come back from the AGM Dinner Dance and £300 from the walking weekend. It                                      was thought to be prudent to keep a balance of £2000 and a discussion was had on donating £800 to Wexham Park Hospital.                                          Phil C to investigate what is needed by the hospital.

     Membership       Currently we have 82 full members and 24 associate members. Recruiting runners and cyclists is proving to be difficult, so we will                                    try and recruit walkers within the village vicinity.

     Social                 The quiz and the Swan Theatre Tour and Tea were successful and well supported. Coming up we have the Roving Dinner, Gilbert                                    & Sullivan’s Patience, a visit to Taplow Court, Take That at the cinema and a trip to the Battle of Britain Bunker. Our usual picnic                                      will take place after the Half Marathon on the 11th August.


  Farnham Magazine next issue

  Graham will write this



The format was discussed for the AGM. It was agreed that it would be less formal and shorter. It will be discussed further at our next meeting

Date and venue of next meeting

7.30 pm July 24th Thatch Cottage



                                                                    JAWS Committee Meeting Minutes
                                                                                     24th July 2019

Present: Phil Cox Paul Naish Richard Flowers Graham Edwards Glenys Stone Barrie Luscombe Sue Holehouse

Apologies for absence

Approval of Minutes of 8th May 2019

AGM Arrangements
It was agreed that the AGM would be shorter than it has been in previous years. Reports would not be presented, but will be on the website prior to the meeting. There will be an opportunity for members to ask questions on the running of the club and elect the Committee for 2020.

Donation to Wexham Park Hospital
On the 25th July Glenys and Ron will meet with Andrew House, Head of Fundraising at the Frimley Health Charity to discuss what our donation could be used for.

Committee Reports:

Running  Brian W, Richard F, Paul and Phil C ran in Vitality London on the 27th May. Derek ran in the Wexham Park Hospital 10k and came 3rd in his
category. Burnham Beeches Half Marathon is on the 11th August. So far we have 30 entries for the Burnham Beeches evening 5k on the 21st

Cycling  8 members went on the cycling trip to Burgundy in June. Congratulations to John Pugh, who scaled the Mont Ventoux, not once, not twice, but
three times in one day.

Treasurer  The turnover this year is £15000, the net figure in our account is £2000.

Membership Currently we have 84 members and 24 associates. A draft 2020 Breakfast List will be published in September. A new poster will be put up in the library to encourage new members to join JAWS.

Social  Over the next 4 months we have the Bunker Trip, the Summer Picnic, Running Weekend in Prague, Walking Weekend in the Isle of Wight,
Fawlty Towers Dinner, Evita and the AGM Dinner Dance. Letters regarding Evita and the AGM Dinner Dance will be sent out nearer the time.

Farnham Magazine next issue
Paul will write this

It was noted that the News Page of the website was getting cluttered up. It was
agreed that whoever posts the article would transfer it to the appropriate section
after a reasonable time.

Date and venue of next meeting
7.30 pm 25th September Southam Parsonage Lane



                                                                       JAWS Committee Meeting Minutes
                                                                                 25th September 2019

Phil Cox, Paul Nash, Richard Flower, Graham Edwards, Barrie Luscombe, Sue

Apologies for Absence:
Glenys Stone

Approval of Minutes
Minutes dated 24th July 2019 were approved.

AGM Arrangements:
The provisional format for the evening is as follows:-

19.00 Welcome at room entrance by Glenys and Sue
19.45 AGM to include address by Phil, election of the 2020 Committee
and response to any questions raised. Committee reports should be
ready to be placed on the website by the 3rd week of October.
20.00 Dinner
22.00 Captains to present trophies to the winners i.e. Men’s Best
Performance, Ladies’ Best Performance, Cycling, Walking, Golf,
Captain's Cup, Men’s Captains Cup, Ladies’ Captain Cup.
22.30 Entertainment / dancing
Paul to arrange collection and engraving of the trophies.
Barrie to act as photographer.
PA system is available for our use. Music to be discussed with
Grovefield’s DJ.
Table signage will be organised by the hotel and Sue/Glenys will
arrange the table flowers.

Sue to contact Grovefield re the price, ordering and payment of wine as Barrie will take only payments for the dinner.
I have subsequently spoken to Grovefield who agree that, if discounted wine is ordered by members prior to the AGM, it should be paid for by the
individual. The price of wine is £20.00 per bottle but is subject to 10% discount if ordered before 1st November i.e. £18.00.
Committee Reports:
JAWS runners have taken part in 3 races in the last 3 months – Burnham Beeches 10k/Half Marathon on the 11th August, our own Beeches evening 5K on the 21st August and the Prague 5k/10k on the 7th September. So far, 7 JAWS members have signed up for the forthcoming Frieth Hilly 5k/10k on the 20th October. Details are on the website.Regarding the next Beeches 5k in August 2020, Brian Webber wishes to take a back seat on the management. Paul and Richard to meet with Fred next Spring re future managing of the race. Support may be available from Lucozade.
Three cyclists enjoyed a 130 -mile trip round Pembrokeshire from the 12th –14th September.
The end of year accounts show that income is down and costs are up. The high-end expenses are to the Athletics Affiliation, cycling and the website
along with the one-off cost of necessary first aid course training. The successful Beeches 5k in August raised £300 which improved the balance but
this event is very dependent on the weather conditions and not guaranteed. It was therefore decided that the suggested £800 to be donated to charity
should be reduced to £500 and, for the present, should be put on hold. Suggestions for other smaller deserving charities should be considered.
The breakfast rota is ready to be placed on the website. Thirteen members have agreed to host 2 breakfasts next year.
Activities for the latter part of 2019 are the walking weekend on the Isle of Wight, Fawlty Towers Dinner, Evita and the AGM dinner dance. Activities for
2020 are in place commencing with a quiz at the beginning of the year.
Farnhams Magazine:
Paul to submit report by 11th October for January’s issue and Richard to submit report by 11th January 2020 for March’s issue.
Date /Venue Next Meeting
Paul will host the next meeting at 19.30 on 8th January at Mirage, Green Lane.