2019 Running

Copper Horse gathering Boxing Day 2019  Report by Richard F


A group of around 25 JAWS members turned out for the customary Boxing Day outing from the castle gates.First to the monument this year was Krysia and Grahams son, Mark.The signal was given and all returned to the start where we were approached by a friendly group of Korean tourists who wanted a photo, after some difficulty operating their unususal camera / phone they said they were disappointed that the Castle was closed!

Should we have signed them up to JAWS or invited  them back to brekfast? Despite feeling slightly guilty about leaving them in the drizzle, we made our way back to Farnham Common for traditional breakfast hospitality hosted by Theresa and Philip.

The Frieth Hilly  20th October 2019   Report by Richard F


Pam and Brian excelled themselves by winning 1st prizes (in their age group) in the Frieth Hilly 10k event, otherwise known as the 'Frilly'.

Brian commented that it was the first time he'd won a running prize ?- surely not.

Well done for battling up those ridiculously steep hills although amply compensated by magnificent views in the Autumn sunshine.

Other JAWS runners included Paul, Karen, Richard P, Audrey, Hilary and Richard F.

A Delicious pub lunch afterwards rounded off the outing nicely.

 brian hilary

No less than twenty nine JAWS travellers have Just Returned from a wonderful visit to Prague, superbly organised, yet again (their 16th overseas JAWS trip) by Brian & Hilary- see Brians race report below:-


Nothing as minor as an all-out strike on British Airways was going to deter an intrepid group from JAWS taking on the Birell Grand Prix in Prague on September 7th. In a welcome break with the tradition of recent trips, we had more runners than supporters this time. All of us were facing the unusual challenge of running on a Saturday evening rather than a Sunday morning. A few rain showers could not dampen spirits and were not heavy enough to make the cobbled streets of the city too slippery.

Adidas Women’s 5km. On the 6pm start line we had seven competitors with Pauline, Jill, Glenys and Sue making their debuts in a race of any kind. Well done to you all. It was great to hear that you all enjoyed the experience and to see the proud smiles on your faces as you wore your medals for supper in a beer cellar later. Super, too, for the girls to be led home by Adrienne who continues to inspire us all. For the record, times were as follows:

Adrienne Regan                  43:57

Pauline Spooner                 45:40

Jill Frew                                 47:10

Tracey Flower                     47:18

Hilary Webber                     47:21

Glenys Stone                       51:04

Sue Holehouse                    51:07

Birell 10km. Despite some chaos in the assembly area, ten more JAWS runners battled their way to the line for the scheduled start at 7.30pm. Some impressive performances again here. John Pugh led us home and special mentions also go to Derek Hussey (who chopped yet another two minutes off his pb) and Pam Naish who was right to be pleased with her return to racing. At this rate of progress, it has been calculated that Derek will achieve the Olympic qualifying standard in time for the 2028 Games. For the record:

John Pugh                               59:50

Richard Flower                   1:00:18

Brian Webber                      1:01:07

Richard Pollard                   1:01:58

Karen Pollard                       1:01:58

Derek Hussey                      1:03:00

Pam Naish                            1:11:14

Paul Naish                            1:11:14

Audrey Hirschfeld              1:24:10

Karen Patterson                  1:24:10

As ever, thanks go to all the supporters, especially to Heather Coleman who was the only ever-present and at one stage was holding the JAWS banner on her own!

Burnham Beeches 5k evening road race

Report by Richard F & Brian W.   21.08.19

The second of these events organised and promoted by JAWS under the expert guidance of Race Director, Fred Ashford was again hugely popular with 120+ enthusiastic runners, the organisation went very smoothly thanks to help and support from JAWS members. Money raised from entry fees has enabled the club to donate £300 to the Burnham Beeches charity and retain a very useful sum for funding club equipment plus a charitable donation.

The course wound its way through Burnham Beeches along a route officially designated by England Athletics as “mildly undulating”, but very hilly to most of us! Burnham Joggers fielded a very strong team and three of their runners were among the medals. In the men’s race, Andrew Humphrey (17 minutes 48 seconds) and Patrick Butler (18:08) took first and third places, while Claire Pusey (20:38) came second in the women’s race which was won in 20:22 by Rebecca Luxton from Chelmsford AC. A six-strong team from Maidenhead AC was led home by StJohn Ford in 23:38 .Our own Derek Hussey came in with a very respectable 31.41 (best in age group)

It was interesting to note that the event is also attracting runners from further afield.

Well done Jaws!

 truly BRIGHT day!       Report by Brian W.    August '19

The annual picnic which followed this year’s Burnham Beeches Half Marathon and 10km races had a very special theme – One Bright Day. We all celebrated the wonderful contribution made to JAWS by Ron and Elisabeth Bright. 

The top table was graced not only by our President and First Lady and their sons Tim (with partner Joan) and Nick, but also by joint founders Ruth and Ewan Pearson. Ruth contributed a splendid speech, adding to words of tribute and thanks from Chairman Phil, organiser Richard Flower and of course from Ron himself. In between there was a magical musical interlude when the JAWS choir supplied their unique rendition of favourites like Summer Time, Summer Holiday and, of course, Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. 

With the weather behaving itself, we were able to stage the picnic outside the hall this year. Once again the splendid food was provided by Jo and Sharon, formerly of Coffee, Eats & Treats. Thanks once again to our anonymous donors, there was also champagne on offer to help us toast the Brights. Afterwards, many tried their luck at the coconut shy ingeniously put together in true Blue Peter fashion by Philip Savage. 

Before all the festivities, there was again a reminder of some of the core activities of JAWS members.  Runners were out in some strength, bolstered by friends old and new.  

How fitting it was on this Bright Day to have Tim Bright completing the Half, some 36 years after attempting the distance for the first time and setting in motion the process which led to JAWS being founded. His time of 2:05: 42 with a very dodgy calf was a triumph. 

In the 10km, eleven members and friends enjoyed the perfect running conditions if not the hilly course. Special mentions go to Chairman Phil who led home the men, to Pauline Keyne who was leading lady on the day -  and to Derek Hussey who knocked two and a half minutes off last year’s time. 

Phil Cox                         53:16 

Paul Naish                     56:34 

Richard Flower          1:00:45 

Pauline Keyne            1:01:32 

Krysia Edwards          1:02:36 

Derek Hussey             1:04:15 

Susan Obeng              1:10:00 

Joan O’Rourke            1:10:32 

Colin Myers                 1:12:11 

Chanmon Myers         1:12:11 

Brian Webber              1:12:11 

All the runners were delighted to see so many JAWS members on duty at the two water stations on the route, handing out paper cups (remember them?) and then tidying up afterwards. Great job, team.  And a special mention to Rieko who works so tirelessly every year -  we couldn’t do it without you!  

Tim Bright took some great photos and videos of the day – you can find the link here 


Ron and Elisabeth, we are so grateful for all you have done over the years, for inspiring us all, and for continuing to attend and support every event we put on.  Thank you - and here’s to the next Bright Day!! 


Report by Brian Webber

Another late Spring Bank Holiday meant another 10km run through the streets of London followed by a picnic in Green Park. It’s becoming a JAWS tradition and one we all hope will continue for years to come.

The weather was just about perfect - cool enough to run but warm enough for our supporters to enjoy their encampment in the park. With the JAWS banner wrapped round a tree and chairs and blankets in place, we looked as if the place was our private reserve, never mind the 23,500 runners who also turned up.

With Chairman Phil not making it past Wembley on the way to London, three runners did their best to restrict the waiting time for the supporters. Paul and Richard cruised round in 59:06 while I managed 62:26. It’s a super course, pretty flat all the way, going past several key London landmarks, cheered on by huge crowds and entertained by numerous bands.

Sincere thanks to our wonderful supporters – Ron and Elisabeth, Sid and Doreen, Pam and Hilary and three cyclists, Graham, Mike and Pauline who set themselves a much harder challenge than the runners. Champagne and cake were in plentiful supply to keep us fed and watered.

Here’s to next year!

The Virgin Money London Marathon – 28th April 2019

This year I was lucky enough to have been given a place in the London Marathon. I did it in 2016 and never dreamt I would do another one but with friends in high places I was given the exciting news in late January.

Not much time to train then and the need to get advice from the hospital, following my admission in April, that I would be OK to do it and they said Yes - that was all I needed to know! I had already started the fundraising for South Bucks Riding for Disabled so it was going to take a lot to deter me. I prepared as well as possible and just hoped to be able to complete it in at least the same time as 2016 which was 06.42.56 hours. Although a Jaws “Mr Motivator” challenged me again this year to do better and I took him on – mad as I am!

I did four training sessions and soon the day came with perfect temperatures. The happy and encouraging crowds lined the streets as with one big festival. Bands, choirs, people on their balconies with boom boxes making all their noise. The children with their tubs of jelly beans and jelly babies. Marshalls all along the way, water stations, home made banners two of which I particularly liked. One said “You’re running better than the Government” and the other said “Pain is only French for bread”.

My timing really surprised me as I received an instant message on my ‘phone to confirm that I did it in 06.06.15 hours knocking 36 minutes off my 2016 timing.

I also want to say a big thank you to the Jaws members who with others supported me yet again this year. I managed to raise over £3,300 for the charity who were delighted to receive the extra funds.

So, Jaws has another LM medal to add to its collection of awards for sports. It is food for thought that if I had never joined Jaws I would never have had these opportunities so for these and all the friendship that is offered by the members I will always be grateful.

Fionnuala French



Kingston Spring Raceday -   (31st March 2019)

by our running correspondent Brian Webber

The website for the Royal Borough of Kingston Spring Raceday promised a "fast, flat race in a stunning and historical setting." And so it proved as an intrepid quartet from JAWS enjoyed speeding along and over the Thames and past Hampton Court Palace on the way to some very good times.

They were completely undaunted by a chill wind off the river and by the 8 am start on a day when BST started and they lost an hour in bed, meaning breakfasts were taken at silly o'clock.

Considering that they all reported the course to be a little longer than the eight miles promised, they should all be proud of their results:

Richard Pollard        74:53

Richard Flower         75:41

Paul Naish               75:41

Karen Pollard           81:00

Well done all!!


Easter Monday 5ml Beaconsfield Run    Report by Pauline K

 JAWS performance in the Easter Monday Beaconsfield 5ml run was little short of . . . runners. However, Derek Hussey & Pauline Keyne made sure that JAWS was represented and, despite the lack of banner, supporters and mud both managed to cross the finish line and collect medals. The morning started cool, but by start time had warmed up enough to make the breeze a welcome companion, at least where it blew from behind. The bluebells were spectacular and made up for the nettles which were also doing well. In true JAWS tradition they started together and finished together, which was a bit of a surprise as for 4.85mls they didn’t see each other. Pauline was ahead to begin with but, wanting to represent the walkers (that’s her story and she’s sticking to it), walked for a bit between miles 3 and 4, and was, let’s be honest, barely jogging when Derek caught up and urged her to speed up (and it was UP) towards the finish.

Official times were Derek 54.41 and Pauline 54.42. No-one will be surprised that Pauline had cycled to the start, but some of you might be impressed that when she later went to her lunch date she cycled there also. Derek was a little upset at the existence of a winning margin of 1 second which he didn’t deserve but was very pleased that he beat last years ‘muddy time’ by 6 minutes. Very well organised event with great encouragement from the numerous Marshals, maybe more JAWS will consider entering next year.

WINTER 10KM REPORT (3 Feb 2019) by Brian w.

“When will I see you again?” asked the Three Degrees. Well, your intrepid JAWS team faced three degrees at the Winter 10km and thrived, despite the temperature being three degrees below.

The occasion was the Cancer Research 10km starting in Trafalgar Square and winding through closed London streets past the Guildhall, the Bank of England and St Paul’s before finishing on Whitehall near Downing Street.

Our team’s finish times spanned just six minutes, with star performances appropriately coming from our management - Chairman Phil leading us home and Captain Paul finishing third in his age category. And lovely to welcome Susan back into the JAWS fold.

Phil Cox                       55:02

Paul Naish                   57:08

Brian Webber             59:00

Richard Pollard           61:14

Karen Pollard              61:18

Susan Obeng               61:29

The real heroes, of course, were Pam and Hilary who braved those low temperatures while also acting as bag ladies and vocal supporters. Thanks, ladies!