Special Notices

Ode to Ron    by our former chairman David Griffiths

It’s not easy to find a lifelong friend In these days of websites and the net.

But Ron had a smile and a charming style which you simply could not forget.

He loved golf, and rugby, which are not easy games; they demand patience, skill, and honesty.

But they teach us the basic rules of life - like loyalty, integrity, and modesty.

Most sportsmen are not easy friends;  they have their routines and set ways.

A household chore you can finish in hours, they patiently achieve in days.

But Ron was always an easy friend; pomposity for him was bull.

He never complained about his lot in life and his glass was always half full.

He was ahead of his time with his vision by the creation of his beloved JAWS.

Each week, it still brings us together, and for this, we should give him applause.

We could always depend on our lifelong friend - if we were ever in need, he would care.

Even though we might go our separate ways, we knew he’d always be there.

All of us here will remember our friend, and sadly he’s now laid to rest.

He was our easy friend, right to the end, he was simply among the best.