Welcome to JAWS  (Farnham Common Joggers and Wheelers)

JAWS, an acronym for Joggers and Wheelers Society, began in 1983 – its principal aim being to keep fit and socialise.   This balance has proved to be successful as members who joined in the early days are still active 40 years on – albeit a little slower!

We meet every Sunday for an hour’s exercise at 09.00 then return to a member’s house for a casual breakfast.   

These days golf, jogging, cycling and participating in a monthly walk, with lunch outside the Farnham Common area, play an important part in our extended activities along with our regular social events.   

As you may realise by now, we are a more “mature” group and our members are mostly retired and live within the village. However, we believe that the exercise and social element of our group is what keeps us young at heart!

If you are interested, please contact Richard Flower on 07767 828884 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.