New Member Criteria

Information for those wishing to join JAWS


The criteria for applicants are as follows:


  • Prospective applicants should come to at least 2 and up to a maximum of 5 breakfasts as guests before they confirm that they wish to be considered for membership by submitting an application form available from the Membership Secretary.  Applications will be considered at the next Committee Meeting (generally held in January, May and September).


  • As JAWS breakfasts take place in our homes, applicants must be introduced by an existing JAWS member who completes the appropriate section of the application form. The introducing member will vouch that the applicant is a relative, or a friend or colleague whom they have known for some time. In the event of more applicants than places, we will give priority to the closest relatives/friends.


  • Reflecting that the heart of JAWS is Farnham Common, applicants will only be considered if they live within a 7mile radius of Farnham Common village. If applicants exceed places, we will give preference to those living closest. Existing members who live further away continue to be treasured members! (Members who subsequently move out of area and become Country Members, ie who are too far away to attend regularly or offer breakfasts, may generate additional membership spaces.)


  • Whilst we are eager to welcome anyone who is keen to increase or maintain their fitness, to secure the future of JAWS we particularly welcome younger applicants who will be given priority should the number of applicants exceed the number of places.


  • Priority will be given to applicants who are cyclists, joggers and/or keen walkers.

It is accepted that these criteria will not cover every eventuality, but the Committee will be guided by them together with a combination of common sense and generosity. If you want to introduce a potential new member and have questions relating to their eligibility or likelihood of acceptance, please talk to the Membership Secretary in the first instance.